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What could I achieve?

Our members have been able to sustainably lose weight, improve their mental health, quality of life and place health conditions such as prediabetes and type 2 diabetes in remission with a ketogenic approach.

Lose weight sustainably

People using the app report an average 7% body weight loss that is sustained at 1 year. We also have support for those looking to gain or maintain weight.

Focus on real foods

Our Keto Program is designed with NHS clinicians to ensure you feel satisfied and nourished after meals, all while helping you work towards your weight goals without counting calories.

Take control of your health

People using the app have been able to halt the progression of conditions like prediabetes and type 2 diabetes and improve symptoms of other conditions.

What do other people think?

We couldn't be more proud of our members!

I have learnt to cut down carbs to a low level and, remarkably, this works. For the first time, a paradigm change has occurred, I am no longer ‘obese’, and I feel that, for me, permanent change is possible

David Williams

David Williams

Case study (read David's story)

Having very little help from my doctor I was left to research for myself which can leave you confused. This app is very easy to use, full of the relevant information you need and tailored to you.


App Store Reviewer

This app is one of the most used on my phone, it connects in with my watch and has helped me lose 9kg in 4 weeks


Play Store Reviewer

This is a great app for people who want to have data on their health and education to improve every aspect of their life.

Esso A

Play Store Reviewer

Since downloading and using the app daily I’m feeling healthier and even sleeping better.. highly highly recommend


App Store Reviewer

I've been checking my wellness score daily - it's a really cool way to see how I feel.

Mark H

Play Store Reviewer

My anxiety has reduced so much and I feel more optimistic about life.


App Store Review

It’s not a miracle cure but my sleep is less disturbed and I’m finding it easier to fall asleep with the body scan meditations. It’s become a must have app for me.


App Store Review

Gro Health gave me the discipline and structure to meditate regularly and effectively; I've really enjoyed using this feature of the app, among its many others.

Sean J

Play Store Reviewer

The sleep meditations have been very useful to help me fall asleep and I'm now sleeping through the night without waking up like I used to. Recommended 💯

Minpreet Kaur

Play Store Reviewer

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Award-winning Ketogenic Diet Education

Introduction to the Keto Diet Program ⭐️

A snippet from our award-winning, NHS-trusted ketogenic diet programme, demonstrated to support weight loss, improvements in mental health and medication reduction.

Real people, real achievements 🏆

Hear from people who have achieved weight loss, improvements in blood glucose, reduced medications and achieved type 2 diabetes remission and reversal.

Endless recipe inspiration 😋

Food is medicine. Browse personalised meal plans and our on-board recipes library of over 2,000 recipe ideas which you can tailor to your preferences.

Empower your decisions 🙌

Get your daily Wellness Score to receive insights on your health and behaviours and use them to empower your decisions.

On-demand and live workouts 🧘

Browse our regularly updated library of exercise, yoga, Tai Chi and Qi Gong available on demand and join weekly live workouts, all tailored to your fitness.

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Improve your mental wellbeing, sleep, nutrition and activity